Bonnie Cannon ~ Owner

Bonnie Cannon ~ Owner

iCare! Owner Bonnie & KittyBonnie has over 27 years of experience dealing with all types of animals, both domesticated and wild.

Having a wide variety of critters in her life since birth, Bonnie has a special connection with animals. Her family took in all kinds of strays, and taught her how to love and respect all animal life, so it was only natural that when she grew up, she wanted to work with animals.

At the tender age of 11, she was a recipient of a wild mustang through the adopt-a-horse program from W.H.O.A. (Wild Horse Organized Assistance), and even made a commercial with her wild filly for Kellogg’s Sugar Pops. She has volunteered at numerous animal shelters, the Denver Zoo, and as a “foster mother,” has nursed many abused and injured animals back to health, to finally get them placed in loving, joyful homes.

Bonnie’s work at several large and small animal hospitals has given her a great education as to how to properly handle animals in a safe way when having to administer shots or medications. She is also Red Cross Pet First Aid/CPR certified, insured and bonded.

Since 1988, to help out friends and family, Bonnie did pet and house sitting. She received so many referrals that she decided to make it her full time job. Imagine, doing something you love and calling it work!

Bonnie loves all animals and enjoys spending her day caring for them. When asked why she does it, she replied, “Animals have the unique ability to warm your heart, lighten your mood, love you unconditionally, and give you renewed perspective, all effortlessly with extreme wagging of tails, cuddling, or purring.”

Helping pet owners to live, work, and travel without worrying about their pet’s well-being is what it’s all about. Providing a professional, fun, safe, and happy experience for you and your pets it what iCare! is all about.

iCare! Care like you were there!