Why Use a Professional Pet Sitter?

bulldog_pupIf you’re like most pet lovers, you hate leaving your pet in unfamiliar surroundings when you travel. You can arrange for friends and neighbors to take care of your pet at home, but often, they’re too busy, and you don’t like to impose.

Our service provides your dog, cat, and/or other pets the care they need while you’re away – right in your own home.

iCare! truly loves animals. With us, you are assured reliable and responsible service.

Your pets will:

  • stay in a secure, familiar environment.
  • follow their customary routine and diet.
  • avoid exposure to illness from other animals.
  • receive loving individual attention.

With iCare! Pet & House Sitting you and your pet(s) can enjoy:

No Travel Trauma. Your pet won’t be upset and you won’t be inconvenienced by the need for transportation to a kennel or boarding facility.

No Interruptions. Your pet will stay right at home and enjoy its familiar surroundings, exercise routines, toys, mealtimes and much more.

No stress for you and your furry family members

iCare! Care, like you were there!

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