Rebecca Corriveau ~ Independent Consultant

Rebecca Corriveau ~ Independent Consultant

Rebecca Corriveau ~ Independent Consultant
Like many other people, I have been a lifelong owner, and lover of animals. When I was a teen I volunteered at the local vet clinic, however it broke my heart to see all the animals in these little cages, especially the kitties, while their owners were away on trips.

Then of course, life changed, and I went out into the corporate world.

During this time, my husband and I were transferred to Canada, and while we were away, usually several weeks at a time, we needed care for our current fur-children, Pooh and Cinnabear. This is how I met Bonnie and iCare!. I could not stomach the idea of leaving my fur babies in those tiny cages for days on end, not to mention the sassing I would get upon my arrival home!

Bonnie was a dream sending me hilarious stories of my kids antics, and photos which I eagerly waited for to brighten my day. Bonnie, and iCare! Independent Consultants were there when needed, and were very patient and accommodating with me when things would, or for that matter would not, happen at Site requiring me to change or extend my shift over the year. Knowing my beloved kiddos where being cared for in their own home, made it easier to concentrate on my job while away.

Now life has changed again, and I am no longer in the corporate world and have myself, become an Independent Consultant with Bonnie and the iCare! team. What a perfect fit to give others the same love and care that my kids received. Plus this way I can get my puppy fix!

Services offered:
Dog walking and/or in-home checks
Pet sitting in your home

I want to give all pets the same kind of loving care that mine received. Why? Because I care!

My Service Area Includes:

5 mile radius from our home near Broadway and Wildcat Reserve.

iCare! Care like you were there!